Office365 for Task Management
What to choose from your current subscription
Task management is a core part of an office worker's life. Even in Office365 subscriptions, we can find at least 4 different tools. What to pay attention to when choosing one?
New Teams - more for testing than for actual use for now (15th of April 2023)
I've tested the new Teams, and there are still many questions about the main functions. So I checked the main things I ordinarily show the End Users from different companies and positions.

Generally, Speed - it's noticeable. Interface - it's a delight for Apple owners. The interface is more concise and pleasing to the eye of tablet enthusiasts. Finally, I want to mention Design Team because they've done a great job updating the design.

I invite you to go with me through the differences between New and Current Teams.

Yulia Iostman
  • Personal tasks
Channel Posts
  • The new sorting for posts in channels - Top to bottom
Now the latest is at the top, and the oldest is at the bottom
Question But it's unclear why they left chats with bottom-fresh approach. There are two different approaches in chats and channels
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