Microsoft Designer
The first look at the instrument
Microsoft Designer - its a new tool for Designers people, who need to design without any knowledge in it
Wait list
All the work starts with registration. And... Unfortunately, for now, you will go on the waitlist. But today, I received an email, "The wait is over! You're in!". So I can join Microsoft Designer and start testing new features
Let's start with overall process
Type a description and let Designer creates the first draft
Describe the design you'd like to create
Add images or Generate from AI
You can add your images, which must be added to the design
Customize your design
Or you can skip first two steps and start from scratch

Change texts, images settings. Add new visuals and receive new ideas from AI
Download or Share
Share in Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook with AI descriptions

Download in PNG, MP4, JPEG, PDF

Let's start

To create the new design, you can type a description of the invention you'd like to make. For example, I want to open my cafe/coworking, where cool people can work and drink coffee together.

Designer starts preparing some options for me on the right sight.

Add images or Generate form AI

  • Add from Phone
You don't need to download an application to your phone. All you need: scan QR code using your phone camera and upload files through browser
  • Add from Device
No drag&drop, but still easy. Choose necessary images from your device
  • Add from your media
All images you uploaded or generated before will be there. So, you can reuse them

I created an invitation to my webinar about Power BI in 4 minutes, using 3 added images: one generated by AI and two downloaded from my phone
Please, no logo there
In May, we are preparing Imagine Cup Junior in Sofia, Bulgaria, to train local teams for that great IT competition for kids. I've added the central theme of the Imagine Cup and the logo of Awara IT Academy, which is the event organizer. But, unfortunately, I can't add any info that "don't use the logo as a background." So, it is not as cool as it could be

Generate image

If I don't have images, I go to Google, Bing, etc. Now I can just put on generate image and use AI in a Microsoft Designer. All you need it's just to make a description of what you want

Customize chosen designs or create a new design from scratch

When you choose a design you can click Customize design and being redirected to the editor page. Also, you can go there if you skip and start from a blank canvas.

Let me go through the features one by one
Visuals features
Uploading available from a device, phone, Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox

Strange: not from SharePoint or OneDrive. Only a link to your OneDrive
Filter & Adjust

All our favorites filters available here

Also, you can use Auto adjust or set image settings by your own

Visual Addings
If you think you need smth else, you can go to Visuals and add new images, backgrounds, and videos from a stock

Remove or Blur background in 2 clicks

Text features
Fonts by categories
You can easy find appropriate fonts depends on your context: Friendly, Handwritten, etc.

Colors and eyedropper
Choose one of the colors from your current design for a great match. Use the eyedropper to find a specific color
Create texts from templates with standard designs

Overall features

Templates and AI
When I am at the start of creating something, I like to use templates as a reference.

Therefore, designer suggests some templated for upcoming events.

Also, I can ask AI to share ideas on the theme "traveling" or "opening office".

Finally, I can enrich this design with generated AI images.


By adding your brand kit once, you can save time and ensure that all your designs are consistent with your brand's look and feel.

I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of adding your brand's colors and fonts to Microsoft Designer, and show you how to apply them to your designs. With this simple technique, you can create beautiful designs quickly and easily, without spending hours trying to match your brand's theme
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