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New Teams - more for testing than for actual use for now (15th of April 2023)
I've tested the new Teams, and there are still many questions about the main functions. So I checked the main things I ordinarily show the End Users from different companies and positions.

Generally, Speed - it's noticeable. Interface - it's a delight for Apple owners. The interface is more concise and pleasing to the eye of tablet enthusiasts. Finally, I want to mention Design Team because they've done a great job updating the design.

I invite you to go with me through the differences between New and Current Teams.

Yulia Iostman
Channel Posts
  • The new sorting for posts in channels - Top to bottom
Now the latest is at the top, and the oldest is at the bottom
Question But it's unclear why they left chats with bottom-fresh approach. There are two different approaches in chats and channels
  • Pop-out conversation - now you can open a specific conversation within your team in a different window. It allows you to focus on one theme
  • Announcements without background images. Previously, you could add a background image with your brand colors. In New Teams, you can add as a background only colors. I hope it will be fixed
  • When you create an announcement - you can't scroll through other posts at the same time
  • Attaching Files from Teams Files
Previously, it was the separate button for attaching files from Teams files. I found it in the New Teams trial under the "Attach Cloud Files" button. You click it and be redirected to a form for choosing files from both: OneDrive and Teams SharePoint files
Settings become easier. I have much fewer abilities to set Teams within Teams. For instance, I couldn't set sending an email with notifications or subscribe to someone. But it may be easier for the end users.

Unfortunately, they still do not add a default background to the video settings.
Missed functions (or I couldn't find them)
Adding Tabs to Channels and Chats
You may need to add a presentation to the tab or survey from MS Forms. I have all permissions to add it in the current Teams, but I don't know why I'm not able to do it in a New Teams
Save messages
Super strange that I can attach files only from OneDrive or upload them from my current device.
Create Teams or Channels
It is interesting why I couldn't find a way to add Channels or Teams within New Teams. But for now, I have to go to the current (old) Teams to add a new Team or Channel
Post in multiple channels
It was a cool feature to add the same info to multiple channels in one click. For instance, I added information about new working templates in one moment.
Commands and hotkeys in a Search panel
In current Teams, we have a lot of commands and hotkeys, which help to start screen demonstration or searching by clicking several buttons. I couldn't find it in New Teams
Couldn't try yet
I found in a preview to a New Teams some features, like:
  • cross-tenant work
  • opening chats from notification pop-up
  • chat-info within a right-sight panel
  • discover feature
But I want to try, and, of course, I will add it here.
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